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Can We Talk Doctrine?

Yes, we can talk doctrine but we don't.  We do not require people to subscribe to the same beliefs, ideas or statements.

   We were challenged as a new church to draw a statement of faith. This is patterned after the UCC statement of faith, but reflects our discussions. No one agrees with every single word, clause, and sentence. Yet we agree on the whole even though some parts may not reflect our personal faith.

Faith Community Church of Novato
Statement of Faith 2/97

We believe in God, the Eternal Spirit,
who is made known to us in many ways,
primarily through Jesus our brother.

God calls the worlds into being,
guides the development of life,
and encourages the fruitfulness of our souls.

God seeks to save all people from insignificance
and from actions without love.

In Jesus Christ, God has come to us
and shared our common lot.

God blesses us with the Holy Spirit,
creating and renewing us,
and opening our hearts to all people
regardless of our differences.

God calls us into the church
in service of all life and community
to grow in awareness of love and truth
and to experience the joy of giving and receiving.

God gives to all
forgiveness, courage, peace, and compassion,
the presence of the Holy Spirit in trial and rejoicing,
and eternal life in the realm which has no end.

Glory be to God from who all blessings flow.

To contact us:

Phone: 415-491-9695
Fax: 415-479-6983

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