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Not Your Average Christians

   We are a people of diverse beliefs with some of us influenced by eastern religions, A Course In Miracles, and/or Conversations With God. Yet, we do share some assumptions on how we are moving from conventional Christianity to a transforming Christianity.

   A good summary of what transforming Christianity  means is contained in Stephen Glauz-Todrank's book,
Transforming Christianity. He believes that the transformation of Christianity will be as radical as comparing the view of earth from outer space with its white, swirling clouds and blue oceans and green and brown continents to a classroom globe with its national boundaries and the states in different colors.

   His key points are an excellent summary of some fundamental assumptions about or directions of "FAITH COMMUNITY". Many of them are so basic that we usually don't articulate them. (Sometimes we must also remember to compare these points to Roman Catholic and/or Protestant orthodoxy to see the radical changes being made.)

From sin-based to love based: We reject the idea that sin defines the human soul. We embrace the concept that people are created in God's image and defined by God's love.

From exclusive to pluralistic: We do not believe that only the followers of Christ will gain eternal life. We engage people of other faiths not to convert but to converse, to share, and to learn.

From a religion about Jesus to a religion of Jesus: We are re-imaging Jesus, moving away from such titles "King" and "Lord", and finding new intimacy with him as a living being, as brother and friend.

From body-denying to body- affirming: We are eating healthier foods and exercising, and enjoying our bodies as a gift of God, and as an important part of a spirituality that unites body and soul.

From God above to including God within: God is more than a fatherly figure above. The female aspect of the Divine is acknowledged. We are aware of God as a presence within us.

From waiting for the "end" to healing the earth: We are not waiting for Jesus' return to snatch up the faithful at the end of history. We are working and praying to heal the earth.

From doctrinal to intuitional: We no longer passively accept traditional creeds or doctrines that impose truth from the outside. We are questioning, thinking, and seeking a truth that speaks to our deepest needs.

The future of "FAITH COMMUNITY CHURCH" as well as Christianity is open.