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Who's the Pastor?

Pastor Marilyn

   Rev. Marilyn Hedges-Hiller is a minister who actualized her heart's desire by founding a new church -- a church rooted in the Christian tradition, yet not bound by it.
   Her view of the Christian faith was first shaped by her early childhood attendance at a fundamentalist Baptist church in a small rural town. Sin seemed to be the focus rather than love. This God was one of exclusivity. Her Catholic best friend was doomed to hell because only Baptists go to heaven. At the age of 12 Marilyn left the church until she returned about 25 years later.
   Marilyn continued to feel the guidance of God through her life. After graduating from the Hastings School of Law in San Francisco, Marilyn practiced law for eight years in San Francisco.

   Eventually she returned to a church that was on the other side of the spectrum from the fundamentalist church of her youth. There Marilyn experienced acceptance and community -- companions on the journey of life to/with God. As she healed from negative Christian experiences, Marilyn began to miss the depth, richness, and challenges of the Christian story and journey.

   Marilyn went to a theologically progressive seminary, graduating from the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley with a Masters of Divinity degree. She believes that our spiritual journey is enhanced by dialogue with other traditions.

   Marilyn and her partner of 21 years, Sharon, enjoy living in Marin County. She jogs with their dog Fran, likes to read and to garden, and appreciates time with friends.

To contact us:

Phone: 415-491-9695
Fax: 415-479-6983

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